8 Advantages Of Buying Unlocked Cell Phones In Canada


Are you planning to buy unlocked cell phone? Are you confused between locked and unlocked phone options? If yes, then here are 8 advantages of buying an unlocked cell phone that will clear most of your doubts.

Buying a new cell phone is an exciting event, but some phone buyers can find themselves confused when buying a new cell phone. When it comes to buying a new cell phone, people have two options to choose from – to buy an unlocked cell phone or a locked cell phone.

To help those who might be perplexed about which option to choose when buying a cell phone, Cell Clinic is here to reveal some hidden benefits enjoyed by people who bought unlocked cell phones. So, let’s get started and explore 8 advantages of buying an unlocked (or contract free) cell phone.

1 – Network Compatibility


People who use unlocked cell phones enjoy increased network compatibility. Unlocked cell phones are not programmed, or locked – to work with one particular network, or phone carrier, which offers users the opportunity to switch GSM networks whenever needed. It’s a huge benefit for those who often travel for leisure or work purposes.

2 – Zero Roaming Charges

Zero Roaming Charges

If you’re tired of paying roaming charges when using your phone while travelling, unlocked cell phones can reduce your roaming bills to almost zero. As said mention in the first point, unlocked mobile phones have given an opportunity to smart phone users to easily switch between GSM networks. So, whenever you travel, you will be able to buy a new SIM card for a different location from a local in-country carrier – and avoid paying unnecessary roaming charges.

3 – Save Money

Save Money

With unlocked cell phones there is no subscriber contract to worry about or tracking when its expiries so that you can be contract free. Buying an unlocked cell phone is always a budget-friendly decision because you will be able to easily switch GSM networks to take advantage of special deals and promotions offerered by other phone carriers. And with an unlocked cell phone you can use prepaid and cost-saving SIM cards, which offer more competitive call and messaging rates.

4 – Variety Of Cell Phone Models To Choose

Variety Of Cell Phone Models

Locked, or carrier restricted cell phone plans usually have limited phone models to select from, but with an unlocked phone, you can choose from a wider variety of phone models.

When you are not locked to a contract, you can also take advantage of new Android models that come out with new technology features that you want to try out, without having to wait until you are “up for renewal.”

5 – Ultimate Freedom


The fifth benefit of buying an unlocked iPhone or Android phone is freedom – from preconfigured settings, pre-installed applications and the contract that comes with locked phones. Unlocked cell phones allow users to uninstall and install application of their choice, switch network providers, and customize the phone to your preferences.

6 – High Resale Value

High Resale Value

Locked cell phones have less resale value as compared to unlocked cell phones. Few people want to buy a carrier-locked pre-owned phone. But when it comes to the resale value of an unlocked cell phone, the high rate of responses and offers from perspective buyers can surprise you.

7 – Unlocked Cell Phones Are Easier To Repair

Unlocked Cell Phones

Unlocked phones are more popular and used by the majority of the world’s population in comparison to locked phones. Due to their vast popularity and increasing number of users, most donate mattress Edmonton are offer repair services for unlocked cell phones. This will make it easier for you to locate a repair shop if you need one for your unlocked phone.

8 – Easy Replacement

Easy Replacement

When it comes to replacing a cell phone, unlocked cell phones are more convenient to replace than carrier-locked cell phones. No one wants to be without a phone if they misplace or damage theirs. But if the phone that has been damaged or lost is an unlocked phone, then it is simple to replace.

We hope that this post has helped you to better understand the benefits of buying an unlocked cell phone. We invite you to consider purchasing a certified pre-owned unlocked cell phone, from Cell Clinic. Cell Clinic sells premium pre-owned unlocked cell phones, all which undergo a 28-point quality inspection and come with a full 6 months warranty.

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