Dental Preventative Services: What Can Patients Expect?

If you’re like the typical patient, then you put off seeing the dentist until it’s too late. However, dental preventative visits are important for your oral health because they reduce the likelihood of complex procedures in the future.Dental Preventative

What Happens During your First Appointment?

Your first appointment in your preventative dental care journey involves a comprehensive overview of your oral health history to date. The next step requires a visual examination of your mouth, teeth, gums, and tongue. In addition to looking for any trouble spots that need addressing now, your dentist will check for signs that may point to future issues.

At this stage, your dentist may use a simple tool to gently tap on your teeth, which aids in determining sensitivity or any other issues. This is painless and shouldn’t cause you any worry. Following this, you can expect a range of tests, such as x-rays, to confirm the health of your teeth below the surface.

If you get the all clear, your dentist will talk to you about lifestyle habits and how they affect your teeth. This can range from what you drink, to how you use your teeth, to how often you brush, and your brushing technique.

With your teeth in perfect shape, your dentist or hygienist will deep clean your teeth with a scaling treatment and make a follow-up appointment, typically six months after your first appointment. In individual cases, follow-ups can occur earlier, to keep an eye on potential conditions or to manage conditions detected at the initial appointment – such as gum disease or teeth that require more frequent scaling.

At your next appointment, you will first meet your hygienist who will ask you about your dental concerns since your last appointment. Your teeth will be cleaned deeply, and you will either have x-rays, a visual examination, or both, to determine whether any preventative dental treatments are required.

Dentist examining little boy's teeth in clinic

The most significant benefit of dental preventative care is early detection. With your teeth confirmed healthy on a regular basis, you never have to worry about suddenly having to have an emergency dental procedure. This means value for money for most patients, as more complex emergency procedures are much more expensive than regular preventative care.

Our expert dental preventative care in Farmington Hills allows patients to become more familiar with their local dental practice. This has been known to soothe even the most anxious dental patient, so if you or a member of your family fears the dentist, why not consider dental preventative care?

We understand you are busy and that making and keeping appointments can be difficult, but dental preventative services are the best way forward for healthy, reduced-cost, happy teeth that last a lifetime.

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