Everything You Need to Know About Medical Computer Workstations

A medical computer cart is unique in design, serving specific needs of any given working environment. At the same time, not every department requires the same configurations, and that is why modular medical computer carts must provide any number of configurations to meet multi-disciplinary demands.

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Medical Workstations

Two main types of medical workstations exist; there are the WoWs (Workstations on Wheels) or CoWs (Computers on Wheels). Both are similar, but each has a specific purpose. In essence, CoWs are designed to house a computer on the top of the workstation, but the rest of the design caters for other clinical considerations.

The best CoWs are mobile computer carts with a battery since they provide standalone mobility and reduced reliance on cables that can be dangerous. These med carts come with an assortment of accessories and configurations including lockable drawers for storing medication. IV poles, medication dispensing devices, and biometric readers as well as placement of extra monitors and attachments such as camera and lighting arms.

Design Features to Look Out For

Essentially, medical computer carts must provide ergonomically efficient access to the computer, to medication, and devices required by the physicians and nurses using them. Also, the medical cart must be easily mobile, which means it must be designed and manufactured with only the best materials and wheelbases. Moreover, an advanced battery that provides at least six hours of continuous power to multiple devices is essential.

Medical Computer Carts support teams, and a medical computer cart is used to access patient medical files as well as the hospitals ERP/MRP system. The ERP/MRP system is designed to place orders for inventory as well as requesting a place in a diagnostic queue or surgical queue. These systems also monitor inventory, check patient payment status and a plethora of services that each ERP/MRP system is designed for.

Modern Hospital

The more technologically advanced systems will come with tablet synced to the Medical Computer Carts PC via Bluetooth or WIFI, enabling more mobility for the staff and allowing the upload of diagnostic imaging taken on site by the workstation.

Final Thoughts

When considering a source for a new cart, consider finding a manufacturer that specializes in modular bespoke solutions. Factor in the need for continuous upgrades and changes, as technology advances, so configurations need to change. The best-med carts available will be designed for refurbishment in mind, where you do not need to remove the cart, get it upgraded in-house, leading to less downtime and more efficiency of service.

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