How Is Hydro Jetting Useful for Sewer Pipe Line Cleaning?


Sewer lines can become clogged or obstructed for any number of reasons – built up grease deposits, years of heavy use, or even a tree root system that has found its way into the sewer line. There are a variety of traditional plumbing techniques such as snakes that have been used to deal with the problem. But in some cases the plumber will have to revisit the problem or possibly even have to use an alternative, more expensive way to achieve a long term solution. Advances in plumbing technology and methods have resulted in hydro jetting – a way to provide a long term solution that is inexpensive when compared to most of the alternatives and does more than simply fix the existing problem.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

The essence of hydro jetting is taking a stream of water and subjecting it to high pressure, shooting it through a specialized hose and removing build up in and around the sewer line. The procedure has limitations however. It is not designed to cut through tree roots or similar material that is very hard. In most cases, Sewer line blockages are due more to the accumulation of softer materials, which is why Hydro jetting is an ideal line-clearing solution.

Pressurized water that strikes the build up at pressures as high as 4000 psi (pounds per square inch) are able not only to clear the line, but to thoroughly clean up the circumference of the line. This clearing-cleaning process can often be done in a single step, so the problem is fixed and preventative measures are taken to prevent rapid buildup in the future. Whether it is a home or business, the customer will save money in the long term, which is why hydro jetting is one of the most popular forms of sewer lines cleaning used today.

Because hydro jetting uses water as the means of cleaning, it is environmentally friendly. No chemicals are used in the process, and so hydro jetting is ideal for removing sand and salt which more traditional methods have a difficult time being able to completely wash away.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Plumber

There is little doubt that many homes and businesses can use Hydro jetting to solve a number of their sewer line problems. But not every job can use hydro jetting, and sometimes the solution can end up costing more money.

For example, the high pressure water blasting at your sewer line is controlled by a variable pressure unit controlled by a plumber. An untrained or inexperienced plumber can misuse the equipment and potentially damage the line, or make any existing damage to the line even worse. That is why knowledgeable businesses will first use a crawler to perform a video inspection of the line before moving forward with hydro jetting.

Sometimes hydro jetting is used to reveal a problem behind the problem. Soft buildup can hide problems underneath, so it is important for you to get the best advice on using hydro jetting for your particular situation.

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