New Product For Complete IT Asset Management Is Unveiled

Complete IT Asset Management is an integral part in today’s business. Thanks to advancement in technology and subsequent development of softwares. Flex Era is one of the companies that have established a good reputation in providing complete asset management services. This amazing company has been offering excellent IT solutions to its customers for a number of years. The latest development will not only help to attract new clients but also enhance customer satisfaction.

The new product which has been developed is called Flexnet Manager Platform. According to the company’s CEO, this wonderful product comes with features of both software and hardware asset management. He added that the product is scalable and can be optimized to deliver the best results. He continued that it took the company a lot of time, resources, effort and dedication to come up with the scalable licence optimization software.

The product will help to automate license management as well as optimization functions. This will in turn help to reduce maintenance, audit and license costs. Analysts have predicted that this initiative will help to improve productivity to a considerable level.

The company’s chief executive officer also stated that the product will be used in many enterprises to control expenditure on hardware and software. The software is good in the sense that it can be used in any enterprise no matter the level of program maturity.

New Product For Complete IT Asset Management Is Unveiled1

Users who want to make their processes mature will find FlexNet Manager Platform useful. It will help to take their business to another level of maturity. By so doing, business value will be increased and profitability enhanced.

FlexNet Manager is designed in a manner that can help users understand the type of applications that are deployed. It helps to match them with the right device. In additon, this amazing product has the excellent ability to recognize over 180,000 devices. It uses its Application Recognition Library to achieve all this. Already the software has a total of 18,000 vendors who are distributing it to thousands of users in different parts of the world.

The software will be able to link any application that it recognizes to Stock Keeping Unit Library. Additionally, it will help to increase the value of softwares in customer’s enterprise.

The consumption of FlexNet Manager will be measured based on metrics such as processor and user counts that are commonly used in license model. It will also be measured based on how it is used.

Customers are advised to know how the software is used and installed. Installation is a critical part and if done in the wrong way, it can negatively affect the overall functionality of the software. The company’s manager said that they have put in place an informed and responsive customer support to help customers whenever they need assistance. He added that customer support is available 24/7 so that client’s questions and querries are attended to anytime.

FlexNet Manager Platform will no doupt help users to create an amazing list of softwares consistently. It will also help them to measure the use of such applications. This makes it the best product for complete IT asset management.

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