Why Pallet Racks Are So Useful?

Pallet Rack storage systems are designed in such a way that materials are stored while still on individual pallets. The systems leave room for forklifts to load and offload the pallets. Although there are several designs, they all have one thing in common – horizontal rows storage design with multiple levels. And this is probably the number one reason why warehouse pallet racks for sale in Michigan are in high demand. Some of the other advantages are:

Increased Storage Density

Warehouse pallet racks operate on a height to depth ratio of 6:1. At this ratio, storage density will be at its maximum. Beyond this ratio, the system is unstable and can collapse at the slightest trigger. However, the higher the storage density, the higher the cost of the pallet racks. If you intend to store fewer items on pallets, this ratio can be lower.

Economy on Space

Tiny warehouse owners opt for space saving storage systems. However, unlike other storage systems, warehouse pallet racks go easy on horizontal space and maximize on vertical space. If you have a forklift high enough to reach the upper shelves, this design will suit you.

Easy to Organize and Automate

Pallets make organization neat and more effective. In modern systems, this storage system can be automated and integrated into the existing inventory. All you must do is to assign a barcode to the individual pallets and link the codes with the stored items code and then invest in an accurate barcode scanner. That way, each time an item is offloaded from a pallet, that stock is automatically deducted in your inventory. It also increases your employee productivity.

Strong and Sturdy

Pallets are naturally strong, and they can withstand varying weights without breaking. If the forklifts handle them with care, your items (both heavy and light) can be stored safely. Similarly, always observe the maximum weight limits on your pallet racks. Overloading will weaken the system and eventually it will fail and give in resulting in huge losses from damaged goods to broken racks.

Flexible and Re-Useable

Pallets can be customized into any design without too much hustle. They are also available in different sizes. Once you’re done with your warehouse, or when you need an entirely new design, you can resell or recycle them.

In Conclusion

Warehouse pallet racks have been an essential part of warehouses and manufacturing facilities since World War 2. Mini distribution and storage facilities, as well as modern retail centers, benefit from their simple yet functional design. Purchase yours from the warehouse pallet racks for sale in Michigan and enjoy the benefits today.

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