Trenchless Pipe Bursting is the Ultimate Repair Solution in Leominster

Having to excavate and tear up your precious yard, garden or front lawn when there’s pipe repairs to be done is now a relative thing of the past in the City of Leominster. Pipe bursting is a new technology in sewer repairs where a large, cone-shaped bursting head passes through your old sewer line, fracturing the parts out into the surrounding soil. All the while, the new pipe comes in and replaces the old pipes along the same line. An HDPE pipe is about the same size, or can even be made larger than your old pipe.

How It Works

Trenchless technology, more particularly pipe bursting provides a one-two solution in that it breaks your old pipes that have worn down, while placing newer, stronger piping in the same line. Here’s a step by step breakdown of how it’s done:

Identifying the Problem by Sewer Camera

When our qualified plumbers arrive, the first thing they will do is to peer at the sewer line issue using state of the art plumbing equipment. They will run a fiber-optic, HD camera inside your lateral laundry or kitchen lines. From here, a diagnosis is formed and the best possible sewer line repair is recommended.

Accessing the Sewer Line

Two access points are created by digging small holes in the ground. These will run from the start to the end of the sewage line that’s causing trouble. At one end of the cable, a pneumatic jack is attached. At the other end, a cone-shaped bursting head.

New Pipe Insertion In The Old Pipe

The cone-shaped bursting head leads the charge, attached to an HDPE pipe. The bursting head scatters the old pipes along the surrounding soil while being dragged along the sewer line.

What Are The Benefits of Pipe Bursting?

Trenchless is the sewer line repair of choice in Leominster due to the following reasons:

No Major Excavation

Imagine the possibility of only needing two small access points from one end of the pipes to the other. That’s what trenchless technology is all about. All that excavation equipment and the contractors needed to handle it will no longer be needed. Your yard is completely safe and you don’t need to haggle with the contractors on a price that is best for both parties. Moreover, you won’t be a bother to your neighbors and pets as there’s less noise involved.

Saves Time and Money

Excavating your home yard is such an expensive endeavor that homeowners may think twice about having to repair their sewer lines. The costs to recover your landscape alone will be more than enough to consider the more cost-efficient method. Trenchless technology only requires a one-man or a two-man crew to complete the job. You save precious time and work resumes much more quicker than going for traditional sewer repair methods.

Strong and Seamless Pipes

HDPE pipes are known all throughout the world for being tough and very durable. They are perfect as piping materials for sewers and drain lines. You won’t have to maintain your pipes once they are installed in your Leominster property. The more resilient pipes are more resistant to root intrusion, cracking and they provide a clear water supply for 50 years or more.

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