What Makes M390 Steel so Popular?

M390 steel knives

M390 steel knives have been rapidly gaining in popularity in recent years, due to the excellent properties of the steel alloy. From everyday carries to survival knives, if the knife is made from M390 steel, you know it will be durable, tough, and able to perform the task at hand.

While a number of knife makers offer M390 steel knives for sale, there are other attributes to consider before deciding on your purchase.

Lefties, for example, should make sure the knife can be opened left-handed. Other considerations include the knife shape, blade thickness and type, and the edge angle.

What is M390 Steel

M390 steel is manufactured by Bohler-Uddenholm, using third generation powder technology. This means that the alloys such as molybdenum, vanadium, tungsten, and chromium are powdered before being added to the main mixture. This is then heated and solidified, enabling the steel manufacturers to more thoroughly blend the alloy and create a stronger product.

Known as super steel, Bohler calls the steel “microclean,” as it can be given a mirror polish, showing the steel is very stain and corrosion resistant. The steel is extremely hard, with excellent wear resistance and edge retention.

One issue is that the steel can be a little difficult to sharpen. For those with less experience sharpening blades, it’s worth finding someone who knows all the nuances of putting a good edge on a blade for a lesson or two.

Why Choose M390

Knives made from M390 often outperform knives made from other steels. The steel is tough, meaning there’s less chance of it cracking and chipping in case of sudden impacts. The corrosion resistance means that the steel is easier to care for, particularly for those who take M390 steel knives out hunting or camping.

Since it has such good edge retention, the knife won’t need to be sharpened as often. The steel also won’t burr on the edge, so there’s no risk of a wire edge forming.

Who Can Benefit From M390

M390 steel is a preferred choice for hunting and survival knives, because of its properties. Being able to subject it to the hard wear and tear of extreme outdoor situations is part of what makes it so ideal for hunters, backpackers, survivalists, and trekkers.

Law enforcement, EMTs, firefighters, and other emergency services personnel will also find M390 steel knives perfect for everyday carry. This steel has been subjected to hard work, and after a month of being used to cut everything from boxes to packing straps to rope, the knife barely needed a stropping.

With the number of M390 steel knives for sale, it’s a matter of choosing the style that works for you. From folding knives to mid-sized fixed blades, knives of all shapes and sizes are made from this super steel. Whether you’re looking for a new EDC or a task-specific knife, M390 steel won’t disappoint.

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